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November 7, 2013
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101 Dalmatians-Grown-Up Pups part 1 by NY-Stray 101 Dalmatians-Grown-Up Pups part 1 by NY-Stray
I use the term "part 1" loosely, because I'm not sure if I'm going to do more of these, but I would like to.  Guess it depends which pup I feel like drawing.
I figured out, for all my love of the Disney Dalmatians I usually draw Pongo, Perdy, Coco, Beamer, Dipstick, Dottie and occasionally adult Cadpig--I barely draw adult Lucky because, well, everyone's drawn adult Lucky.  But I kinda realized I never give the other pups any sketch time.

It's nice to dish out a few of Pongo and Perdy's pups, because in the actual 1961 animated films, there's not too much that distinguishes the pups apart.  I mean, we know Patch, we know Penny, we know Rolly, we know Lucky, we know Freckles, but aside from them there's 10 other pups in the bunch that kinda just become generic pups (this is strictly talking about the movie, I know the pups have a lot more individuality in the series and promotional pics).

SO, here are some of lesser-known pups as adults: Fidget, Jewel & Two-Tone.  They're spots are based on promotional images, which is why Two-Tone is the way she is, and not half-black with green eyes and an earring.
All of their ears are drawn above their foreheads (same as Pongo), because that's usually how they appear in their promotional images, even though in the film male dalmatians tend to have above-the-forehead and ears and females below (I'm thinking Rolly would probably have the same ear position as Perdita).

These were originally drawn on three separate sheets of paper, but I liked them as a set so I bunched them together.

Figet, Jewel, Two-Tone & "101 Dalmatians" (c) Disney
image (c) ~NY-Stray
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Nice adult designs!

 I like the real Two-Tone better than that black-bottomed bimbo who bare same name with her from "101 american dalmatian-looking mutts in puppy farm" series. Yep, I don't like that series alltough I give them credit about somehow getting full blown brother-sister incest to, of all places, kids' show.
NY-Stray Jan 4, 2014   Traditional Artist
Thank you!  Personally, I always liked this design for Two-Tone a little more because I thought it was more interesting and it's kinda vintage (the only time I see this version of Two-Tone is on some of the older merchandise).

The thing with the Two-Tone from the series is that I think the animation department/series writers either didn't know Two-Tone was originally one of Pongo and Perdy's 15 pups or they intentionally wrote her in as one of the adopted pups and forgot to mention it.  I don't think the series ever meant to display incest (I don't believe in the "these are dogs, so it doesn't matter" argument; Disney animals are so anthropomorphized that most real animalistic traits/behaviors are irrelevant).
I haven't seen most of episodes (nor do I want) but in one episode there is a dance and "Lucky" has crush in "Two-Tone" and in series' finale "Roger and Anita" celebrate their wedding anniversary and they only take Pongo, Perdy and 15 originals puppies with them. And "Two-Tone" is in a
NY-Stray Jan 9, 2014   Traditional Artist
I've seen both of those I said, I hope to goodness someone, somewhere made a huge mistake, but, personally, I still like the series, I just don't support the LuckyxTwo-Tone pairing.
((nevermind I see Two-Tone now, though I prefer her in her series look since it is more unique and fits her name better than her movie look, that and she looks more feminine in her series look which is a plus to her character.))
You did Jewel and Two-Tone! I personally love (and prefer) Two-Tone's promotional design over the show's design. Also Jewel was my favorite puppy because she was the only girl who had her father's ears.
NY-Stray Nov 12, 2013   Traditional Artist
Yeah, Jewel was really fun to draw, with Pongo's ears and her famous necklace-shaped spot pattern--I'm actually kinda surprised I don't draw her more often.
I like both of Two-Tone's designs, but I personally like drawing the promotional version more, at the very least because it doesn't eat up my black ink as much lol.
Mindjock Nov 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good good.
NY-Stray Nov 8, 2013   Traditional Artist
Definately liking the look of Fidget in this image! =3
I say you should draw more! You are talented at drawing Dalmatians. I sometimes feel you should work for Disney. X3

Although, I do admit...Jewel & Two-Tone do look a bit...masculine.

Still, Great Work, Fido! ;3
Looking forward to seeing more from you. X3
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