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The Princess Dalmatian


the princess dalmatian by Skitah
Welcome to Inadonia!

“The Princess Dalmatian” is an illustrated story that I started in 2009. Like most of my story ideas, it started off as little more than a few scattered quotes and sketches, but it later developed into one of my most thought-out stories yet. With a finished pen-sketched storyboard, I'm hoping to eventually turn to project into a full-length polished comic.

Bare with me, as this is still a long way from being finished; but Phase 1 of the project is complete, and, trust me, that's a major accomplishment!

:bulletpink::bulletblue: Read Page 1!:… :bulletblue::bulletpink:

Want More Info?
Get Updates & Ask About it on Tumblr:…


To-Do List


Commissions - Closed by SweetDukePoint Commissions - Closed by SweetDukeTrades - Closed by SweetDukeNo Requests by SweetDukeNo Kiribans by SweetDuke

Divider II by RBSRdesigns

Paw Print (Rainbow) - F2U! by Drache-LehreCOMMISSION WIPSPaw Print (Rainbow) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
See commission WIPs on my sketchblog!:
Commission WIPS are tagged by username and/or characters involved. Mini sketch commissions (a.k.a. $3/300-point or $6/600-point) are uploaded to my sketchblog only.

Last Updated: Dec. 22, 2014

Divider II by RBSRdesigns

1. JettAshfeild Claudette/Carnage full-body shaded colored pencil Status: Coloring (restocking some colors)
2. AsatiraSiti full-body colored flat of Christopher & Dragonfly Status: Coloring
3. Erezia colored pen sketch of Josiah & Erezia Status: Not Started-UNPAID
4. WindWo1f flat full-color pen sketch of Frodo & Ellie Status: Not Started

1. Wolf-King45 4 B&W sketches; 5 color sketches (2-full-body for all)-PAID Status: DONE (Not Uploaded Yet)
2. JettAshfeild 10 B&W sketches of A&O family (one seductive sheet; one sadness sheet--8 headshots)-PAID Status: Not Started
3. Wolf-King45 9 B&W sketches of "Once Upon a Time' chars as wolves (2 body-poses for all)-PAID Status: Not Started

Art Trades :bulletred:CLOSED
2. WolfHomeLuver98 Status: DONE; waiting for other half

Auctions (TO BE SHIPPED)
1. Auction 1 shipping to AsatiraSiti
2. Auction 5 shipping to M-Lee08


Personal Projects

Feel free to ignore this list, I just needed a small space to remind myself what projects I still have to work on. There is no set schedule or date of release for these projects, unless otherwise stated.

:bulletblue: redo "The Princess Dalmatian" (soon to be retitled)
:bulletblue: finish outlining "The Princess Dalmatian 2"

:bulletpink: outline "Bitten 2" (going to be retitled)
:bulletpink: finish editing "C A N I N E" (W O L F Book 3)

Awaiting Art From:
Jinxsis (on FA)-Halloween pop-up badge
Lexi Cakes (on FA/FB)-logo design
Huskie (FA)-standard Stray badge (awaiting shipping)

Book Project w/ Lumina
-awaiting "Bitten" book cover revamp (pay $30 upon request)
-15% to 20% payment per book sale
**EDIT: These went over so well that I've decided to add five more slots (and may open for more, if these 5 slots fill up quickly)!  Please leave a comment below or send me a note if you're interested!!

I need some extra cash for school, travel and gifts and such, so I'm going to be offering some quicky holiday headshot commissions, more specifically badges!

They'll pretty much look like these:
Holiday Badges by NY-StrayHoliday Badges Batch 3 by NY-StrayHoliday Badges Batch 1 by NY-Stray
They'll be colored with markers (and if needed, colored pencils) and they will be shaded. :3

:bulletred::bulletgreen: I'm offering these badges for only $5 each! :bulletgreen::bulletred:

Just leave a comment below or send me a note with the character(s) you'd like and a holiday item you want them drawn with (a Santa hat (any color); reindeer antlers; Christmas scarf, etc.), as well as your mailing address.
I will not draw Christmas lights, as they are too difficult to cut out.

These are first come, first serve!
Please do not ask for a badge unless you have an idea in mind and are ready to pay.
I will give you my Paypal once we have discussed details.

-Yes, you can order more than one character; no couples, badges, though
-These are headshot, only--no shoulder-up, no torso-up & no busts
-One holiday item per character (for example, you can't ask for a character with a Santa hat and a scarf)
-I'd prefer to draw original or fan characters, but if you'd like me to draw a badge of a TV/movie/book character I will consider it

Does it have to be specifically Christmas-themed?
Nope.  Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, New Year's, the Winter Solstice...or you can just get something winter-related (i.e. blue and white instead of red and green); any December holiday/winter-related colors/items are fine!  Just remember that the one-item-per-character rule still applies.

When Will These Be Shipped Out?
I will be drawing these up and shipping them out the day of or one day after you place your order! :3

WIPs will be posted to my sketchblog and finished badges will be posted here, on DA.

Of course if you have any questions, feel free to ask me!
[This does not mean that I am open for 9x12" commissions.  I am still filling out past orders and reprioritizing my price guide.]

I'm going to open 10 slots for these (and extend it to 15 slots, if enough people offer):
1. :iconalfafilly:- Shampoo (red and green scarf)-Paid DONE
2. :iconalfafilly:- Filly (reindeer antlers)-Paid DONE
3. :iconjettashfeild:- Jett (candy cane)-Paid DONE
4. :iconwolffnoelle:- Connor (mistletoe)-Paid DONE
5. :iconwolf-king45:- Sam (Santa hat)-Paid DONE
6. :iconwolf-king45:- Alyus (mistletoe)-Paid DONE
7. :iconwolf-king45:- Zanye (reindeer antlers)-Paid DONE
8. :iconwolf-king45:- Aqua (reindeer antlers)-Paid DONE
9. :iconasatirasiti:-Dragonfly (Santa hat)-UNPAID
10. :iconasatirasiti:-Christopher (Santa hat) UNPAID
11. :iconcalistamonkey: -Clusts (Santa hat)-Paid DONE
12. :iconcalistamonkey:- Kari (Santa hat)-Paid DONE
13. OPEN
14. OPEN
15. OPEN

:santa::bulletred::bulletgreen: Happy Holidays, everyone!! :bulletgreen::bulletred::santa:



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Thank you so much for all the favs, comments & watches!

~Stray :heart:

Walt Disney * Doug Walker & Rob Walker * MCR (Gerard, Frank, Mikey, & Ray) * Greg Weisman * Don Bluth * Jillian Venters/The Lady of the Manners * Tia Maria Torres


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Just Opened 5 NEW Slots for Holiday Headshot Badges! 

5 deviants said…
No deviants said Holiday Badges Batch 3 by NY-StrayHoliday Badges Batch 1 by NY-StrayHoliday Badges by NY-Stray
No deviants said comment below this poll or my journal OR send me a note if interested!
No deviants said they're only $5 each!


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Thank you very much for the faves! :) (Smile) 
NY-Stray Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014   Traditional Artist
You're welcome! :3
LavaMan32 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014
Hey just a stupid question but did you get your username from the theme song of Wolf's Rain?
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Not a stupid question at all! ^^

It's kind of a yes-and-no answer.  I've always loved dogs, and unisex dog names--Fido, Bingo, Skippy, Barker, etc., and Stray was a name I had on my mind for awhile but never really solidified to one single character, so when I decided to upgrade my fursona (formerly Fido) and needed to come up with a new name, the song from "Wolf's Rain" was definitely an inspiration for me choosing it.

I love canines, I love strays (well, I like fictional strays--in reality, I wish all strays could find their forever homes) and I love that song, so it just fit (if you're curious, the NY part of my name is just to pay homage to my homestate and because I didn't want any numbers or underscores in my username). :3
LavaMan32 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014
Huh well that's an interesting origin of your username. Hey sorry for derailing the conversation but about the AoFW short stories, my friend Magril aka DariaAlpha on Fanfiction said I should do the one where Dreamer, Bold and Sinuous return. Do you have any advice for that?
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